Information Technology

Our Sections

Infrastructure Development Team

The in-house servers and cloud services are monitored and maintained to minimise server slowdown and downtime. It also manages hardware, software, security and backup.
LAN connections, WLAN, Wi-Fi, IP address, routers, switches, network cables, etc., are provided to the staff and students.
The monitors, keyboards, mouse and CPUs are serviced regularly for high performance and also we provide the Printing. Scanning, Photocopy & Tech Support
The quality testing is done by the R & D team. The team tests the software installed for quality, and monitor the performance of the applications installed.

Application Development Team

The development of applications, installation of software, back-end process like PHP. is done by the software developers.
The graphic and website designer designs flyers, brochures, certificates, logos, invitations, posters, etc. and also Designing web page layouts, Working with web development, UX, UI, and design teams to improve the overall experience for the websites and other departments of HBI & College.
Contents for websites, LMS, scripts, reports, SOPs, newsletter, e-magazines(With a vision to be a guiding light for the younger generations, HBI & College started an online bi-monthly e-magazine called "Lighthouse." ), SEO, etc., are done. Also, to ensure error-free content proofreading is also done.

Production Team

The editing team edits the recorded videos for colour correction, noise reduction, and title animation. They also create trailer videos, promos, and YouTube teasers.
The edited videos are reviewed for corrections and quality. Once the videos are ready, they are uploaded on the online platform.
Choosing a theme for a video that is posted on a website for online classes Twenty to forty videos will be uploaded to the LMS for each course without a topic. Our team logs in to the LMS, watches each video, figures out what the faculty is teaching, and then adds the topic for that video. This is done for each video (class) that is posted for that subject.

On-Going Projects